Wearing a Wig for the first time? Here's what to expect

  Posted on 07 Sep, 2020

We understand that wearing your first wig can be nerve wrecking. How will it look? Will people know that I am wearing a wig? Will it be comfortable? And so on. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that wig technology is extremely advanced.

Will it feel like my own hair?

Our wigs are designed to look and feel like you are wearing your natural hair. Many of our wigs are lace front wigs, which give a more natural and believable hair parting, which you can match exactly to your hairline. Our wigs also feature in-built combs that you can use to secure the wigs tightly to your hair, for a more secure fit. In addition to all of this, we would also like to add the fact that these days, everybody wears wigs, it is no longer a big deal at all! Furthermore, people are no longer hiding the fact that they wear wigs, they are proud of it....and so they should be! It's amazing how many of of female clients go wig shopping to Hair Masters with their boyfriends, husbands and male friends and nine times out of ten it is their Male Counterpart that actually picks the wig that they buy for them.

So if you are new to wearing wigs and are feeling nervous, we understand where you are coming from, but please know that you have absolutely nothing to worry about and we are certain that once you buy your first wigs, you will be back for more you build your wig collection.

If you have any questions about wigs and/or would like to book a free consultation. Call us on 0207 228 1520 or email: info@hairmastersuk.com

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