Which wigs are the most natural looking?

  Posted on 25 Mar, 2021

Which Wig looks the most natural? Good question. Well before we answer this question it is important to note that the taboo surrounding wearing wigs has diminished significantly in recent years thanks to platforms such as Instagram, where every type of person from every background, can be found wearing Wigs and sharing their favorite Wig tips.

That being said if you are looking for a wig that looks natural on you, so that you feel like YOU, when you are out and about, we would recommend that you think about getting your hands on a Lace Front or a Full Lace wig. These wigs are great because they sit extremely flat on your scalp and once the lace is cut, they will look as if the Hair is literally coming out of your scalp. Once you have found a wigs that sits flat when worn, you might want to consider Colour. Now there is no wrong or right when it comes to colour but natural colours tend to look more real (Blonde, Browns, Black, Ginger) However they is a clever way to make bright colours look natural. Wigs that feature Dark or Light roots with an ombre colour effect (that fade into a bright or unnatural colour) can give the illusion that the natural coloured roots are your hair and you have just dyed the ends.

To summarise if you are looking for a natural looking wig search for Lace Front or Full Lace wigs and having a think about natural colours that suit your skin tone. If you want to play with colour but still have your wig look natural, think about a Wig that has natural roots and coloured ends, to give the illusion that you just coloured the ends of your hair.

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